Liquidity for NFTs like never before

Delivering to NFT collections the best of DeFi and maximum simple usability
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Intuitive and hassle-free

The House of NFT Collections, holders and flippers

Our platform allows you to effortlessly attract more holders, sweep up NFTs at floor price, provide liquidity or earn fees on transactions. Or all of these at once!

Sweep n' Flip lets you focus on what matters most ā€“ maximizing your profits. There's no need to waste time managing multiple platforms.

Real DeFi, Real Liquidity

Made by degens for degens

Sweep the floor price of the best collections and flip with one click
Easy NFT arbitrage at your fingertips with the Liquidity Pools
Yields for Liquidity Providers and floor price protection for collections

Do you want to avoid the NFT dump?

The Liquidity Providers earn fees on every transaction of that pair they've joined, this incentivize the big whales in the collection not to dump their NFTs, as they earn fees from the liquidity pool, and also attracts new holders, as the collection provides value and utility!

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