NFT Flipping

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Delivering the best of NFT liquidity and maximum simple usability.
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Intuitive and hassle-free

The House of the NFT flippers

Our platform allows you to effortlessly sweep up NFTs at floor price, set your desired profit rate, and flip them with ease.

Sweep n' Flip lets you focus on what matters most ā€“ maximizing your profits. With our streamlined process, there's no need to waste time managing multiple platforms.

Don't miss out on your next flip again

Made by degens for degens

Say goodbye to forgotten NFTs in your wallet
We understand the challenges of finding the perfect flip
Simplify your degen life with our platform

And there's more

We also know that liquidity is an issue. Get ready for our next mindblowing and game-changer product, and experience liquidity like never before. A unique AMM that will transform the way you trade is coming soon.

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